Search for the Stars

Search for the Stars


This pattern makes an 11" fabric bowl (for lack of a better term) and an assortment of 3" and 4" little pillow stars to fill up the bowl.   It's a great table decoration if you have littles in your life.  The stars are the perfect size for little hands and the bowl makes a pretty sweet indoor frisbee (if you are sew inclined).

  • Important Note

    This pattern for your personal use only.
    Please respect the time, energy and thought that goes into creating a pattern and do not copy or transfer the pattern in any format without express written permission from the pattern author or publisher.

    Every effort is made to ensure that the instructions in this pattern are correct.  I am only human, so if you do find and error or are unsure about the instructions please feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you!
    Thank You and Happy Sewing!

  • Ideas

    Place stars in bowl around an LED candle and use as a center piece at your next gathering.

    You could also place it on your nightstand as a visual reminder to count your blessings each night. 

    Why not attach a ribbon to one point of the stars and use them to decorate your tree? 

    Once you are comfortable with the process of making these bowls and pillow stars you can get adventurous and try different sizes or give your bowl higher sides.  Suggestions are included in the pattern. 

     Let your creative juices flow.  This project could easily be made patriotic or done in pastels for a baby shower.  Please share pictures of your finished project on social media and tag Sew Enchanting so I can see what beautiful things you have made.