Quilters Trek 2021 Pattern

Quilters Trek 2021 Pattern


This pattern was written with the assumption that you have a basic knowledge of foundation paper piecing. 


If you are familiar with my patterns, I think you will find this one a fair bit easier than the likes of the Fork and Arbor Lodge.


The pattern comes with all the pattern pieces you will need printed on newsprint. 


Finished size is 18" x18"



I'm a clueless when it comes to building and maintaining a website(but I am learning).  There are bound to be hiccups along the way.   Please if anything is weird or seams off, reach out to me and we'll get it figured out together.

*****If you plan to order more than 2 kits the shipping calculation is gonna be weird,  I'm working on it along with about 200 million other things.   I suggest you order 1 or 2 through the website and attach a note to your order telling me how many more you want.  I will invoice you for the remaining kits and the correct difference in the shipping cost.******