Pear Blossoms - Arbor Day 2020

Pear Blossoms - Arbor Day 2020



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    In 1872, J. Sterling Morton declared:

    “If I had the power, I would compel every man in the State who had a home of his own to plant out and cultivate fruit trees.” 


    It is said that Morton planted Peach, Plum, Pear and Apple trees on his own homestead. 


    With that in mind, the third to bloom in this series of Arbor Day Quilt Patterns, is Pear Blossoms.


    Every effort is made to ensure that the instructions in this pattern are correct.  I am only human, so if you do find an error or are unsure about the instructions please feel free to stop into the shop or hop into our Facebook group: Sew Enchanting - Projects and More! and I will gladly help you.


    I hope you enjoy this paper pieced rendition of a Pear tree in bloom.

    Happy Sewing!