Outhouse Kit

Outhouse Kit

  • 9" x 36" pixelated pattern
  • Designed for the 2017 Row by Row Experience - On the Go  
  • Great a a stand alone project for your bathroom door.
  • Kit is precut and comes with everything you need to complete the Outhouse (borders are not included).
  • Important Note

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    This pattern is for your personal use only.
    Please respect the time, energy and thought that goes into creating a pattern and do not copy or transfer the pattern in any format without express written permission from the pattern author or publisher.

    Every effort is made to ensure that the instructions in this pattern are correct. 

    I am only human, so if you do find an error or are unsure about the instructions please feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you!

    Thank You and Happy Sewing!

  • The Story Behind the Design

    This is the third year that I have been able to represent Nebraska City in my row (a personal goal of mine).  It was tough this year given the theme but a little birdie (who knows a bit more about this fine city than I do) told me about Laurine Kimmel who painted water colors of OUTHOUSES! That was all I needed to get going (pun intended).  Seriously though, whether you are young or old  we all need potty breaks when we are traveling.  For me as a child that meant outhouses in state parks.

    It was my original plan to do this row as a true watercolor quilt, but that was proving to be more difficult than even I was comfortable with so I settled on this pixelated design. 

    I hope you find this row challenging enough to keep you interested but not so hard that you want to flush it. Good Luck and Happy Sewing!