Frequently asked questions

What software do you use to design patterns?

I do the brunt of my designing in Microsoft Powerpoint. Beyond that I'm not going to tell you my secrets. If you want to try your hand at pattern design without investing money in products like EQ8, here are three great products that I have used in the past that are free to use.

There is a learning curve with all of these but if you can figure them out you can create beautiful quilt patterns.

What hours are you Open?

We are open online 24/7 for your shopping convenience! If you are planning a trip to our store please check out our Calendar and Events page. Our open hours very depending on time of the year, events, weather, and the heath of the owner/operator(aka me).

Why do you close the store when you are ill or out of town? Why don't you hire/find someone to watch the store?

What I have notcied in the 6+ years I have been is business is that the majority of my customers come to my store because of me, my opinions, and my knowledge. I used to have people watch the store when I was away, but it just wasn't logical. I'd estimate about 90% of the people who walked in the door would say "Oh Gina/Mom isn't here? I'll come back later." That is very disheartening to the person watching the store. I realize that I do miss the occasional customer. If that was you I am truly sorry that I missed you and I hope you come back another time.

Do you hem pants, replace zippers, sew curtains, mend clothes, etc and sew forth?

While I have the knowledge and skills to do all of these things, they are not currently part of my business structure. I only have sew many hours in my day and I have to devote those to running my Quilt Shop and Design Studio. I do have friends who do these things on the side in their spare time and I am willing to hook you up with them if you drop by.

Do you alter bridal/prom/formal wear?

NO! I don't know anyone else who does either. Ask the shop where you purchased your garment. If they don't have someone, you should call around to other dress shops to see if they have someone they work with. You could also try a Google search for Tailors but you normally end up on sites like mine because search engines are horrible when it comes to the sewing arts and differentiating between them.

Will you make me a quilt?

.......Maybe. I am not against doing a custom sewing job every now and then. Give me the details here and I'll see if your idea intrigues me.